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Phone spoofing, spoof phone, Cell Phone Calls

Phone spoofing, spoof phone, Cell Phone Calls Here

Here's a funny story I would like to share with you, about my phone spoofing experience. I have a friend named Mike, who is pretty gullible to say the least. I purchased this phone spoofing card, and I spoofed his cell phone with a funny prank. Now this might be kind of bogue to some people, but I have a sick sense of humor, and I thought is was extremely funny! Here's my phone spoofing prank.

I had called Mike disguising my voice through the features of the phone spoofing card. So he had no clue, that it was actually me that was calling. Spoofing disguises voices to sound like whoever you are basically, it's a very cool feature. It actually disguises the number, you can actually record the calls, and a bunch of other cool features are involved in the cell or landline phone spoofing calling cards. Well back to my story, I disguised my voice to sound like an executive of some sort. I said is this Mike so-and-so, he said why yes it is. I said Mike, This is Mr. James from the Delphi Corp. I see that you have recently applied for a job with us, having no idea that he even filled out an application for Delphi, or any other job for that matter lol. But he is Gullible like I said, and he said why yes I did.

I said well Mike, I'm looking at your application right now and I like what what I see! Could We schedule a meeting? He said sure that would be great, here's when my spoofing starts to get real good. I said Michael, it so happens I will be having lunch in the general vicinity of where you live, do you know where so-and-so Chinese restaurants is at? This Chinese restaurant happens to be pretty popular. He said yes, well how about we meet up for lunch and discuss your job application further. He said that sounds great, I said Michael, I will be in a turquoise suit you know what color turquoise is correct? He said yes, isn't that a cross between green and blue lol, I said this is correct Michael. I will be sitting in a booth waiting for you, in my turquoise suit. I thought after I said this that my phone spoofing call would be over, but he was even more gullible than I thought. I then told him, to meet meet me up at 1:30 PM that day. Then I called my friend John, and told him the phone spoofing prank I was playing on Michael. John decided to drive up there, and sit at the gas station next door to see if he actually would show up this is phone spoofing at its best. Keep reading the spoofing gets good.

So John was sitting next to her at the gas station, one Michael showed up sure enough at the Chinese restaurant plaza next door. Michael proceeded to go into the Chinese restaurant, on his pretend job interview. When John seen him walking to the Chinese restaurant, he told me that's what I call him again and proceeded with my cell phone spoof. I obviously was not there, so I want to keep this spoof going. I told him that I was now in the kitchen of this Chinese restaurant, talking to the owner of the restaurant who was also back there laugh ou loud, who I happened to be good friends with at least this is what I told him. He proceeded to go into the kitchen of the restaurant, looking for an executive in a turquoise suit freaking hysterical. The cooks of the restaurant, thought he was crazy and threw him out of the restaurant. I hung up with him before he actually walked back there! At this point Michael was walking back to his car with a dumbfounded look on his face. My friend who is staked out next-door, called me and told me he was leaving. I was laughing hysterically, I could not believe someone would be this gullible. I proceeded to call him back, continuing with my phone spoof on his cell phone. I then made up a story, that I had to leave in a hurry because of a family emergency, but because of his troubles I would hire him on two conditions. Keep reading this phone spoof gets good.

I then asked him, are you a team player Michael? He said yes, I said a little more enthusiastic Mr. Standish. He said yes I'm a team player, almost to the top of his lungs. I had to do my best to try not to laugh which was hard. I proceeded to say, that's what we like to hear in our future Delphi employees Mr. Standish.

I have one more condition to be met for any future employee of our company, then I proceeded to say to you think you can meet the second condition Mr. Standish. He said why, yes very enthusiastically! I said while my last condition is that about 10 of our top executives stand in line, we drop our pants, and you service our members lmao. I tried to hold back from laughing, but I was almost in tears this was cell phone spoofing at its absolute best! After I had said this, he finally caught on that this was a spoofing prank, where he shouted out John which was my buddy. Because he had pulled pranks on him before, then I proceeded to end my spoofing call almost in tears.

You can spoof a phone, whether it be cell or land-line it doesn't matter. If you want to spoof an ex girlfriend, or boyfriend, friend, relative, or coworker it doesn't matter. Spoofing is completely legal, and tons of fun as you can see with my cellphone spoofing experience. The company I went through was actually on major TV networks like CNN, and others talking about their service. Paris Hilton is actually one of their more famous customers, as well as many other major stars. Cellphone spoofing, and spoofing phone calls is a very cool service I would recommend it to anyone. Have fun spoofing!

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